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Protech Security Kft.

Welcome to ProTech Security Center!
Welcome and thank you for visiting our newly redesigned website!
Since the beginning, ProTech Security Center has devoted a lot of time and resources to educate the business community about the sharp contrast between ProTech Security Center exclusive programs tailored per customer versus the traditional way many Companies are selling security systems, CCTV, Access Control, Fire and more.
ProTech has a tracking proof there is a better way! The ProTech way!!!

The growth of ProTech is largely due to the key fundamentals upon which the company was build. The company's basic values: providing the very best technologies, providing a full service / warranty programs that are second to none and making them available and affordable to any type of business.
That’s what sets ProTech as one of leaders in Europe and Worldwide.

On this website you will find information on ProTech Security Center Kft. and provides a great deal of information on the various solutions and programs offered. We hope you will find the website informative and useful. We welcome your feedback and comments at any time.
Protech Security Kft. 1037 Budapest, Bojtar u. 54 Hungary. Tel: +3614360369 Fax: +3614360370
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